the ask

West Dermatology is a fast-growing group of dermatology doctors and clinics with over 100,000+ satisfied patients. They came to us with a few challenges: 36 distinct brands to integrate under one umbrella, each with its own website and branding; 22 potential touch-points to demystify for patients; and a marketing & sales process that leaned heavily on phone calls.


the solution

We brought the disparate brands together into a single CMS platform that was custom-built for West Dermatology’s unique business challenges. It allowed to easily publish unique content about each clinic, let patients book their visits in advance, make finding a clinic a breeze, and played well with Google and Bing search.


We made the notion of a “Clinic” a first-class concern. This thinking allowed us to precisely model everything about the clinic’s digital presence - its physical location, its staff, its services - and to evolve them as West Dermatology’s needs change.


They suspected that website visitors were primarily booking via phone, not their online booking feature. This is because, as Tom Powell, West Dermatology’s VP of Marketing explains, we need to “show them what it’s going to be like” as a patient. We responded with Your Visit: everything a patient needs to know before, during and after their visit.


Local SEO is a major challenge for businesses that rely on physical locations. A clinic needs to be found organically by ranking for keywords in its local area, but can’t diminish the rankings of sister clinics. To solve this, we surfaced unique page copy, local business metadata and URLs for each clinic, along with engaging photography. Using JSON+LD Structured Markup, we integrated each clinic into Google’s Local Business listings, complete with hours of operation, services and even booking links.


Structuring a site with many locations is a challenge. You have to distinguish what to communicate about the brand without papering over what makes each clinic special. Our User Experience team worked out every user journey through the site using Information Architecture principles, ensuring that each step along the path was informative, easy to find, and obvious to new and returning visitors.