Wrap Up Your Social Spend This Holiday

Q4 is a make-or-break time for holiday advertising. In this eBook, we'll discuss the best ways to spend on social advertising this holiday season, including what to know about budgets, creative and timing, and how to maximize your holiday advertising spend.

You'll learn:

  • How to budget for the holiday season
  • How the season affects CPM, CPC and CPA 
  • How to maximize your offer with deals, bundles and creative
  • When to start your holiday campaigns, and how long to run them
  • Best days and times to advertise for holiday shopping
  • What creative to pair with your campaigns
  • Effective creative optimizations for the holidays
  • How to think locally to maximize your ROAS

Social advertising isn’t just about how your brand appears on your prospective customer’s news feed, but how it makes them feel and act as a result. Download the ebook for our top recommendations to boost your holiday social advertising strategy.