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HYFN brings the right combination to scale your ecommerce business on Bigcommerce.

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  • We take a full-funnel approach to the customer journey. HYFN's expert media team knows what it takes to attract and convert at all stages of the funnel.
  • Our cross-channel analysis & planning helps to optimize your ad spend.
  • We help craft the perfect advertising strategy for all channels.
  • We have the technology and know-how to offer complex advertising solutions such as dynamic product ads, hyperlocal targeting and creative at scale.

TRX Pro 4 - Flat Lay


  • Mobile-first design that attracts, educates and converts.
  • We take a UX-centric approach, crafting beautiful and functional customer journeys based on delighting the user.
  • Expert content creation for ecommerce.
  • Flat lays, high resolution product photography.

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  • We build beautiful, custom Bigcommerce stores that convert visitors into customers.
  • We connect Bigcommerce to other platforms, like your CRM, ERP or CDP
  • We create intricate customer journeys and customized order processes that integrate seamlessly.
  • We help demystify the complexity. HYFN's technology team takes a comprehensive approach to your digital business.

The most challenging ecommerce builds call for a powerful, flexible toolset. But that shouldn't stop you from getting to market fast. 

BigCommerce listened to their largest and fastest-growing customers, and introduced new tools that can bring ecommerce features to any touchpoint along the customer journey. 

Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram with Bigcommerce

Multi-Channel Ecommerce

  • Social Shopping: sell on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Go Where the Customers Are: built-in Amazon, Ebay, Google, and Amazon integrations make it easy to centralize orders and inventory across channels.
  • Integrate Anything: with BigCommerce's Cart, Checkout and Order APIs, HYFN can integrate any sales channel, including custom order processes, enterprise systems, independent ecommerce stores and more.
  • Go Global: BigCommerce's flexible template system, APIs and configuration management make it easy to deploy and manage international ecommerce stores. 

Powerful ecosystem with Avalara, ShipperHQ and JustUno

Powerful Ecosystem

BigCommerce's ecosystem of pre-built integrations offers best-in-class options for all of the necessities:
  • Accurate tax quotes with Avalara.
  • ShipperHQ provides automated quotes and sophisticated shipping rules for the entire globe.
  • Use JustUno for special offers, promos and upsell/cross-sell.
  • Comprehensive support of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.
  • Support of a huge array of payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Braintree.

Bigcommerce's Flexible Platform

Flexible Platform, Low TCO

  • Headless Ecommerce: there are no limits to what you can build. Add ecommerce features to your existing CMS; build commerce-enabled landing pages, mobile applications, and email campaigns, or even an entire storefront from scratch.
  • Multi-Store is a Breeze: host multiple stores, even multiple brands, all from the same portal.
  • Unique Customer Journeys: with features like line-item customizations, Price Lists and webhooks, you can create unique shopping experiences for customers.
  • Modular Cart Approach: use BigCommerce's cart and checkout for any ecommerce flow for instant PCI compliance. Or build a custom checkout experience that make compliance a snap. 

hubspot & big commerce


Hubspot + BigCommerce

Most merchants aim to reduce churn and create repeat customers, but aren't using the right tools. That's because ecommerce marketing tools are conversion-focused - just trying to get the attention of whoever is shopping, and convince them to buy something. 

But that's not how customers engage with your brand. They'll encounter you at more than one touchpoint: on social, for example, or your website. CRM tools help you track customers through some of these, but they fall short without customer purchase data. What marketers really want is a holistic view of the customer.

Hubspot's Ecommerce Bridge API closes this gap by bringing comprehensive order data into Hubspot's award-winning CRM tool. Now you can:

  • Segment your marketing lists using RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis.
  • Reach out to your most engaged, most likely-to-close customers with special offers.
  • Recover abandoned carts with custom personalized discounts.


HYFN’s core disciplines of content creation, social amplification and creative technology were utilized to streamline the shopper’s path to purchase beginning with education and awareness and culminating with sales. We applied this principle to completely revamp TRX’s digital business with a full-funnel social advertising strategy, all-new photo and video content and a redesigned, mobile-optimized ecommerce site—a combination that opened a significant new revenue stream to grow the business.



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